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Dckap technologies had step in to the market with their iPhone application service. Having a complete control over the application of this sevice they render this service to the human at large by keeping in mind that they will be able to fulfill the minute needs of their customers. Claiming the enumerous services that can be used, Dckap claims the sevicing of iphone within a short span of time. This is the perfect platform for those who got the caliber and creativity to create a iPhone.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Updates on Soon to be Released iPhone 5

DCKAP has been a reliable and most sought after companies for developing application for the famed iPhone. As the world waits for the release of iPhone5 there are herds of people developing applications for the already existing versions of iPhones. Not just huge companies, independent iPhone app developers all around the world are coming up with innovative ideas for applications. In this race against time and almost an entire race, DCKAP is said to have sustained its market as a visionary.

Though there was a slight commotion pile on when iPhone 4S released when everyone was looking forward for the iPhone 5, people realized its prowess and went ahead and made a huge success out of it. And demand for the applications developed by DCKAP for it has been on the rise on a brisk pace.

iPhone 5 is expected to incite excitement since the moment it is unpacked. The latest speculation from reliable sources says that the new iPhone 5 may be housed in a little-known hi-tech alloy known as ‘liquid metal’. This hi-tech substance is an alloy of titanium, nickel, copper and zirconium and other such metals which when touched feels like glass and weighs comparatively very less.

The reason for the delay of iPhone 5’s release is said to be the wait for the LTE version and because of this iPhone will not be available in markets before the later part of 2012. Senior analysts involved in the tracking of companies that supply chips that power the 3G and 4G technologies in mobile devices say that apart from other features LTE exponentially enhances the upload and download speeds when compare with the current 3G technologies. Though currently certain mobile devices have been installed with the LTE technology tech pundits say that the currently available resources are fallible infront of Apple’s standards.

Even though DCKAP has been developing applications for iPhones since the beginning of time, the new upgrades of iPhone are something to be caught up with and to enable and provide constant services to its customers DCKAP has enhanced its resources and team with new recruits and discussion groups for the existing team. With the rise of demand has been swift and diverse the level of competence acquired by DCKAP through years of experience always facilitates it to accomplish tasks effectively.

Developing applications for iPhone needs an acute programming knowledge in Java or Xcode or such developing kits to challenge the breakneck pace of increasing demands and changing technologies. And discovering the right team for custom requirements is a task by itself but without which competent business applications cannot be built.

DCKAP ( is a Fremont, CA based global technology Services Company delivering technology driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of the clients. Founded in 2005, with offices in California & Colorado, USA, the UK, Australia and a development center in India, DCKAP has earned appreciation from well respected Fortune 100 companies for its competent services.
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